How many times can you play Monopoly during the pandemic? At this point it feels like every board game I own has been been played ad-nauseum with the family. We've run through all the classics: Monopoly, Guess Who, Clue, Uno, Sorry, Life, and of course, Monopoly. Not only am I sick of playing these, but I'm not necessarily the best at any of them. I never win at Life, which is starting to feel like a commentary about my real life, but I digress.

We've tried switching it up with some of the newer games, too. Speech Breaker, Pop The Pig, Speak Out, and Gas Out. The novelty of those wears out fast, though. In Gas Out you literally tap a console hoping it doesn't 'fart' on your turn. My 3 year old is the only one still amused.

Well, Kraft Heinz must have been listening to my thoughts because they've just launched a three-pack of games based on Kraft Mac and Cheese, Heinz Ketchup, and Jell-O. I want to buy this for the packaging alone. Each game box looks like the food packaging. I have some nerve judging my toddler when I'm amused by games that look like food.

The games themselves probably aren't even that great. Two of them are dice games and the third is a card slapping game. At the very least they are different than what I've got at home. You can find them exclusively at Target for $20. Seems like a fun gift for Secret Santa or White Elephant.



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