can we start by saying how extremely upset I am finding out by accident that Kane Brown is coming?  I'm writing a letter (because letters are how you make a statement in 2021) and find stamps somewhere. This complaint is going all the way to the top. I'm pissed Idaho!

This almost feels like going through the drive-thru for your pregnant wife and come home when the unthinkable happens, "where's the fry sauce?" Yes, I forgot it! Kane Brown is coming to the Ford Idaho Center with Jordan Davis.

I actually remember discussing this concert prior to the pandemic. I knew it was coming and i was begging for tickets to give to my favorite listeners in the entire state of Idaho. I was petitioning for Kane to headline our Boise Music Festival years ago when I got the cold shoulder.

Fun Fact: I had Bruno Mars for $25k one year and they didn't think he was good enough. Hey bossman why don't you try to book him now? It will cost you $1,000,000. That's one million dollars for all of us broke people! Me included.

Kane Brown tickets just went on sale and are headlining the Blessed & Free Tour on Friday, October 8, 2021. I will let you know those tickets are going quickly. Good luck. I hope by the time my letter arrives on the East Coast I will have my package of front rows just in time for the concert. I will figure it out.

This is a pretty big deal considering we haven't had any shows yet. Kane Brown will sell out of tickets sooner than later.


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