Hey, teens. What's in your wallet?

When the average price for a gallon of gas is $5.03 in Boise, Idaho, it's safe to assume not much. Right? Lately almost everyone is feeling the sting of hard economic times, and teens are no exception.


With concerts to see, the squad to chill with, and real-world expenses like car insurance or the first year of BSU to pay for, today's under 20 crowd is strapped for cash. But post-Covid-19 times have created an inroad for teens in the Idaho job market. Back in March, the Idaho Department of Labor reported a historically low unemployment rate of 2.7%. While that's certainly something to celebrate, the flip side is that Gem State employers are hustling to fill open positions and coming up empty.


"There are definitely not enough workers right now for the growth rate that we have going on in Idaho."

—Jan Roeser, economist for Idaho Department of Labor



Lucky for Gem State teens on the job hunt, a variety of part-time, full-time, and even contract positions were just posted on Boise Indeed! Each position is entry-level, guaranteeing on-the-job training from employers at the ready to help young employees grow their skill sets.


So talk yourself up on that resume, Treasure Valley teens! If financial independence is what you're after, apply and hit "submit" to any of these 14 teen-friendly gigs.

Good luck! You got this!

PS, If you need help writing your resume and cover letter, Boise State University has you covered! Download BSU's free resume strategies and cover letter best practices from their Career Center.


Keep scrolling for descriptions and direct links to 14 awesome and teen-friendly summer jobs in the Treasure Valley! 

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