YELLOWSTONE'S JEFFERSON WHITE endorses the smokejumper

IDAHO CITY, Idaho. It isn't everyday that 161-year-old Idaho City catches the eye of an A-List Hollywood celebrity. But on Jan. 28th, Jefferson White voiced his admiration and support for the Smokejumper Tiny Home Resort on the small business' Facebook page.

Jefferson, 33, is best known for his role as Jimmy Hurdstrom on Paramount's Yellowstone series, the most-watched entertainment cable series of 2022. Rife with melodrama, murder, and scandals that date back six generations, White's character is a bright light on the Dutton family's Montana Ranch.

The lowly, loveable cowboy of the series, Hurdstrom's storyline captured the hearts of viewers across the nation as the character evolved from a hopeless drug addict into a respectable cowboy.


White's endorsement of the Smokejumper is a true-to-character move. The niche Idaho City resort featuring seven tiny homes and a central smokejumper building that was converted into a coffee bar, feels like the kind of place Jimmy Hurdstrom would patronize. Contrasted by the rustic beauty of the Boise National Forest, the resort's seven petite homes boast all the comforts of Idaho hospitality.


THE SMOKEJUMPER: accommodations & booking

Each tiny, luxurious home features everything its guest could need. Accommodations include:

  • a fully-functioning kitchen equipped with a Nespresso machine, an induction cooktop, cookware, and servingware
  • a living room with a gorgeous view of the Boise National Forest and a remote work station outfitted with its own 5G router
  • a day-and-night sofa that allows each unit to sleep four guests total
  • a king-sized loft bed alongside a smart-glass window
  • a skylight that opens up to the Idaho stars
  • a private bath with a tankless water heater
  • a Solo Smokeless Firestone & Cooktop along with four Adirondack lounge chairs

The resort also features a community coffee bar, laundry room, and two EV charging stations.

Your tiny home awaits! Book your stay at Idaho City's Smokejumper Tiny Home Resort here!

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