You may think that January 15th is just another day but you are mistaken, as everyone should be celebration the joyous occasion that is Nation Fresh Squeezed Juice Day. Most people have tried other juices that aren't fresh squeezed, growing up we always had lots of Sunny Delight in the fridge. While the orange drink can be delicious as a kid it doesn't even compare to freshly squeezed orange juice.

This can be said about so many other juices such as apple juice, pineapple juice or a personal favorite of mine which is grape juice. The difference is always astounding when comparing juices.

Drinking fresh-squeezed juices are an easy way to get your daily fruits and vegetables, plus it's easier for your body to digest because the food or drink is already broken down into a digestible form. While I was learning more about National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day, taught me that Citrus juice can fight kidney stones, while cherry juice can battle gout. Tomato juice is filled with lycopene that fights cancer, while cranberry juice combats urinary tract infections.

So, today raise a glass of your favorite fresh squeezed juice and drink it all in.

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