Summer nights in Idaho often include enjoying cocktails on a swanky patio, beers on the boat or a happy hour glass of wine with the girls after work. Everything is ok in moderation, but which Idaho city takes things a little too far? 

Young woman with a hangover holding her almost empty cocktail glass

A few months back, we were able to track down some datas on which Idaho counties had the highest prevalence of excessive drinking. The CDC defines heavy drinking as 8 or more drinks per week for a woman or 15 or more drinks per week for a man. They define binge drinking as consuming 4 or more drinks on an occasion for a woman or 5 or more drinks on an occasion for a man. Both of these contribute to excessive drinking. 

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Before we reveal the drunkest city in Idaho, here’s a look at the breakdown by county in Idaho. Perhaps a look at this will help you guess Idaho’s drunkest city correctly. 

These Are the 15 Drunkest Counties in the Entire State of Idaho

Based off data compiled by County Health Rankings, a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, these Idaho counties have the highest prevalence of excessive drinking.

The folks at 24/7 Tempo took things a step further and dug into the excessive drinking data and the number of alcohol related driving deaths in each state’s major metro areas. They recently updated their list of the “Drunkest City in Every State” a few weeks ago and Idaho has a new #1. 

With 20.7% of adults admitting that they binge or heavy drink and 34.2% of driving deaths involving alcohol, Boise now holds the #1 spot. Both of those rates pace ahead of the state average. 

Boise took over the top spot from Pocatello, which held the title in 2021. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, you can find resources to get help on the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s website by clicking HERE.

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