August in the Gem State means that we're all experiencing triple-digit heat. Although, as we reported here, we could be getting a historic weather break in the next few days. However, if you've had it with your skin burning every time you leave the cool comfort of indoor air conditioning, then let us point you to a relaxed, comfortable location that's a favorite for every Idahoan.

Our destination is the Oregon Coast, only a short nine-hour drive from Boise. The high temperature on the coast right now is a chilly seventy-three degrees. Our temperature is hovering over one hundred degrees.

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

Although some who are not native to the West may believe nine hours is a long drive, the trip to the coast is easy. Idahoans are a familiar site vacationing in Oregon. A recent visit found Idaho plates from Ada, Canyon, and Gem Counties and folks wearing the unofficial gear of Idaho, Boise State Football shirts.

Oregon Coast Photos

A visit to the coast will allow you to go whale watching, fishing, shopping, or spend a casual day on the beach. All beachfront property is owned by the state of Oregon, meaning the public has access to the fabulous Pacific Ocean. And if you are worried about too much time in the sun, the Pacific Ocean is always cold.

Whether you're a fan of Newport, Lincoln City, Seaside, or another coastal city, the coast features outstanding shops and the majestic Tillamook Creamery. Yes, you'll find the same ice cream and cheese at your favorite Treasure Valley supermarket. 

Experience One of the Most Scenic Hikes on the Oregon Coast

In 1806 Captain Clark of the Corps of Discovery described what is now Ecola State Park in Oregon as “…the grandest and most pleasing prospects which my eyes ever surveyed…”. I completely agree with Captain Clark and that’s why I make it a point to visit the park, which is near Cannon Beach, each year. And, there’s no better time than right now! Scroll down and take a gander at nature's glory.


Perhaps most of these weird bars are where the phrase, "Keep Portland Weird" originated. See for yourself below!


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