Mitt Romney has decided not to run for re-election. The Utah senator announced today that it's time for a younger generation to serve the people of Utah. Senator Romney saved the Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002.

His Olympic success propelled him into a political career after losing to Senator Edward Kennedy for his seat in 1994. Mr. Romney lost his seat but would eventually be elected the governor of Massachusetts as a Republican from 2003-2007.

Senator Romney ran for president in 2008, winning the party's nomination in 2012. His debate performance against President Barrack Obama was panned then, but his points were later proven to be correct.

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During Donald Trump's presidential campaign, Mr. Romney spoke out vigorously against the future president. Despite his criticism, he was a finalist to serve as President Trump's secretary of state.

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Mitt Romney won his senate seat six years ago and voted to convict President Trump during his impeach hearings. The former president has become more popular in Utah recently which some have said impacted Senator Romney's decision not to run for another six-year term.


It didn't take long for President Donald Trump to reply to the news.



No word what Senator Romney will do once he's retired from office. He is one of the most popular politicians in Idaho.  Several years ago, a poll concluded that the three most popular politicians in Idaho were President Trump, former Governor Butch Otter, and Senator Romney. If you're looking for an insight into Mitt Romney the person, check out this documentary here. 

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