It has been well established that Idaho is a state that adheres to the rule of law. While twenty-three other states have legalized sports gambling, the Gem State has said no to legal betting. The state resisted several efforts before eventually legalizing Hemp. 

Other states have legalized consuming recreational and medical marijuana, while Idaho continues to say no to the drug. The state of Oregon has declared a state of emergency as a result of their controversial decriminalizing of heroin, marijuana, and other drugs. 

Idaho Governor Brad Little has publicly stated that he was not the governor who would legalize marihuana in Idaho. Despite the state's tough stance, many lawmakers and voters smoke marijuana. 

Mark Renders / Stringer
Mark Renders / Stringer

The pot shops in Ontario are the most profitable in the state due to Idahoans crossing state lines to buy their weed fix without prosecution in Oregon. The legislature is currently working on whether to institute mandatory minimum sentencing for Fentanyl use and distribution.

One Nampa lawmaker has introduced legislation that will increase the penalties for Idahoan caught breaking the law by possessing marijuana, reports the Idaho Press. 

Republican Representative Bruce Skaug's proposed bill would penalize folks who are convicted of carrying up to three ounces of marijuana four hundred and twenty dollars. Anything over three ounces in Idaho is a felony with penalties of up to five years in prison and ten thousand dollars. 

The bill will now begin moving through the House and Senate. It will go to the governor's desk for his signature if it passes both chambers. If he signs the bill, it will become law in Idaho. 

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