Tensions between Communist China and Idaho have intensified. President Biden declared that the United States would work with China a few months ago. However, Idaho Governor Brad Little and several other governors want a tougher stance on China. 

China is Idaho's seventh largest trading partner, sending over $152 million in exports to the communist nation, according to the Idaho Department of Commerce. Years ago, in 2012 and 2016, Idaho Governor Buch Otter led a trade delegation to China. You can read about the history of those trips and what was accomplished here.

China is a country that is a dictatorship that wants to rule the world. The Chinese have a reprehensible record on human rights, stealing intellectual property, and using slave labor, among many other rogue issues. President Donald Trump instituted massive trade sanctions when he was in office. President Biden wants to be China's friend despite the Chinese flying several spy balloons over America.

Governor Little, several governors, and the administration have banned the Chinese App TikTok on government phones. The ban was instituted due to legitimate concerns over the app stealing personal and professional information from phones. 

The issue of China buying land in America has caused Idaho to pass legislation preventing the communists from purchasing land in Idaho. Several governors now want the president to ban the bad guys from other countries from acquiring American land.

Governor Little and sixteen other governors sent a letter to the president urging him to take action. 



Idaho's Legislature did pass legislation that was signed by the governor into law banning China from buying land in Idaho.

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