As the warm summer days gradually give way to the cooler embrace of fall, maybe, as there's still an estimated few weeks of warmer weather here in the Boise area, there's a golden opportunity to squeeze in that seaside vacation you've been longing for — and maybe you haven't had the chance yet this Summer.

Well, Boise residents have a fantastic, go-to seaside destination within reach, and it's become a very popular place for locals to visit, likely because of the distance — it's the closest coastal town to Boise.

That town is Seaside, Oregon.

Luke Frerichs | Google Maps | Seaside, Oregon
Luke Frerichs | Google Maps | Seaside, Oregon

Just a 7.5-hour drive from Boise, Seaside welcomes you with open arms, offering a picturesque landscape of miles of stunning coastline, pristine beaches, and a charming downtown area with unique shops and amazing seafood eateries, and much more.

Whether you're in search of relaxation or craving an adventure, Seaside has you covered.

Plus, if you've been craving that perfect blend of fall-like weather, Seaside, Oregon, might just deliver the perfect experience for that, even more-so than Boise. Right now, Boise has hot weather on the way, but Seaside is stacked with weeks of 70-80 degree days and partly cloudy skies. So, it's an ideal location for experiencing more of a traditional fall season.

While Idaho's impending Fall and Winter weather loom on the horizon, seize the opportunity to enjoy the final days of summer! Weather you stick around in Boise or squeeze in a fun trip to Seaside,  It's a convenient time to enjoy the remaining warmth before the cooler seasons embrace our beautiful state and region.

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos


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