Boise Mayor Lauren McLean is looking for a good man or woman again. Idaho's capital city is once again looking for a new police chief. This hire will be the fourth police chief serving under the current mayor.

The current police chief, Ron Wineger, will be retiring again. The Chief was called back into service after the mayor's bungled hire, Ryan Lee, was asked to resign after several embarrassing incidents. The city continues to litigate the post-Lee era through several legal channels.

Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar
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Chief Wineager served the city for over 29 years. His return to duty helped restore credibility to a department damaged by massive turnover. He was shot in the line of duty and took the life of Boise Police Officer Mark Stall. The Chief's last day will be September 20th, the 27th anniversary of that fatal day.

Chief Winegar expressed his confidence in the police department in a written statement.

"During my time as Chief, we have made great strides as an organization. We have a solid foundation in place and are positioned to move forward with good leaders and community partners. I feel comfortable with my decision to retire (again) and return to spending more time with my family and loved ones," said Chief Winegar.

He continued by revealing the privilege of serving the community.
"I have been proud and humbled to serve the people of Boise as a member of the Boise Police Department for the past 29 years," Chief Winegar added. "I love the people of this department and this community, and I know our sworn officers and professional staff will continue to work diligently to provide a safe and welcoming city for everyone."

The challenge for the newly reelected Boise mayor will be to find a competent replacement, which she failed to do the last time the city needed a new police chief. Boise is a special community that requires a leader to understand just because it worked in California or Seattle doesn't necessarily mean it will work in Boise.

She's Happy

Mayor McLean thanked Chief Winegar for his service.

"It has been an honor to work with Ron as our Police Chief," said Mayor Lauren McLean. "He has an incredible commitment to service and will be missed by the department, the city, and our community. I will always be grateful that he was willing to serve when I called and look forward to his continued leadership as we begin the search for a new Chief."

The mayor's critics will say that whoever she hires won't represent Idaho values, including a healthy respect for the Second Amendment. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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