Whether you're a fan of late-night talk radio or an endless fan of science fiction, one question always remains, are we alone in the universe? 

Hollywood has tried to answer are eternally curiosity by providing movies from the seventies classic "Close Encounters of the Third Kind to ET to the iconic Star Wars Franchise that continues today. We should add Tim Burton's comedy Mars Attacks as another example of Hollywood's take on alien life.

In Washington, many reports of military officials have testified that they've seen flying objects that we couldn't keep up with. One whistleblower told the national press that military officials had recovered a vehicle from another planet. Congress continues to push to find out the truth along with the media; however, do we want to know if there are Aliens that exist that are more powerful than we are?

Before you watch reruns of Independence Day while prepping for an Alien encounter, a new report says that some states are better prepared for a UFO encounter or attack than others. NJCasino concluded that Idaho is one of the least ready states to handle an invasion from outer space. 

Here is an excerpt from the findings:  Idaho is among the US states least equipped for an alien invasion, with an overall alien survival score of 5.82/10. Idaho places fourth to last in the ranking, largely due to the state's low volume of law enforcement and military personnel per capita.

Idaho has just 363.37 law enforcement officers per 100,000 people, almost 30% fewer than in the nearby state of New Mexico, where there are 511.18 — as well as 45% fewer (4.60) military personnel per capita than Washington (10.34).

The experts who participated in this topic failed to realize that Idahoans are tough and indestructible. With their findings revealed, we share five reasons why Idaho is one of the most prepared states to repel the Aliens. 

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