Idaho is known for attracting people from all over the country and a lot of locals aren't too fond of the idea. You hear it all the time:

"ThOsE dAnG CaLiFoRniAnS!"

Here's the thing, it's not just people from out of state eyeing the Gem State as a safe haven to escape their troubles.

Criminals have needs too... especially when on the run

In film and television, hearing a character talk about fleeing the country to avoid the law is common. It makes a lot of sense too, right? The thing is - not all criminals are the same and you better believe they have needs too.

If you're fleeing the law and can't leave the country, is there a better place than Idaho?

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There are so many places you can hide out as Idaho is still relatively isolated and remote. Plus, with so many people coming to the state from all over the place, is it that hard to blend in? Heck, crooks even have the Canadian border north of us if things get hairy and they become desperate to flee.

Idaho... a target for Utah fugitives?

According to the Utah County Sheriff's Office, there are sixteen fugitives on their most wanted list. The crimes that these people have been charged with range from sex crimes that include rape to fraud and deception.

Could any of these criminals be hiding out in Idaho? If you have any information, contact local authorities or the Utah County Sheriff's Office at 801-851-4034.

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