While you're checking out this list of the Top 20 Highest Earning Cities in Idaho… you’ll notice many of the cities are right here in the Treasure Valley! So, not only are these some of the greatest areas to live in Idaho already, but they’re also where some of the richest people and highest-paying jobs are located.

There's a recent article by Stacker that shares a complete breakdown of the highest earning cities in Idaho, and they said...

"Data shows that annual income depends heavily on an individual’s educational attainment, race, ethnicity, gender, and even location. Geography is a substantial factor in earning potential: According to the USDA, those with a high school diploma or more education earn more in urban settings than rural settings."

This list of highest earning cities in Idaho was created by Stacker using data from the U.S. Census Beureau — "Cities are ranked by 2019 5-year estimate median household income and all have at least 3,000 households."

For years, these cities have been making the most money in Idaho, and they're projected to make the most money in 2023.

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And, sure, they make more money than other cities in Idaho, but that also means they're some of the most expensive places to live — if you're planning on moving to any of these wealthier cities, save up because it'll cost you!

Keep scrolling for a complete list of the richest cities in Idaho, exciting upcoming concerts coming to the area, and where to find the best restaurants in Boise 👇

20 Highest Earning Cities in Idaho

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