Look - whether we want to admit it or not, people actually choose to move to California. For the hardcore Idaho-lover, that might sound repulsive - heck, it probably sounds the same to some when someone says: "I'm moving to Idaho!"

No matter which side you're on or where you're moving, you have a right to know who your neighbors are... or who once occupied the space you're living in.

"Clandestine Drug Labs"

We're not experts or anything but we imagine that several types of drugs could be made "at home." Most experts agree that a majority of "clandestine labs" manufacture the drugs ecstasy and methamphetamine.

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In the widely-popular series, Breaking Bad, one of the key plot points of the first season (sorry for the "spoilers", but it's 2024 now...) is where the main characters will "cook" their meth.

Among the spots they cook is the basement of one of the main characters. While it sounds like the stuff of fiction, it couldn't be more accurate and even more bizarre... we found one former lab that could have been operating inside of a plane.

We know - it sounds weird to us too. Let's take a look at the eleven meth labs in California and where they're located according to the DEA.

DEA Shares Locations Of 11 Scary Meth Labs In California

Are any of these scary meth labs near your home, neighborhood, or work?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Speaking of shady labs in California, there was one particular lab that was shut down and you won't believe what they were housing inside.

It could have ended the entire planet!

This Secret California Lab Getting Shut Down Just Saved America

Health officials shut down a lab in California that could have started another pandemic...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

15 Popular Foods That Will Be Illegal in California Before You Know It

In 2023, California passed legislation banning the use of Red 3 in foods starting in 2027. These products currently contain the soon to be illegal additive.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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