For those who've never been to Idaho: read that again. Potatoes are awesome, we can all agree on that - but it shouldn't be the signature item that Idaho is known for.

French fries are a lie anyway

So, if you do live in Idaho, there's a good chance you have read or heard a local complain about all of the "transplants" coming to the state.

Newsflash for those hating people from other states: your favorite dish, the very thing that people associate Idaho with, isn't even from Idaho.

How Are People Forgetting French Fries Don't Come From Idaho?

How quick we all are to forget that one of our favorite foods isn't even from Idaho!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Don't worry, it gets even crazier! Are you ready for us to blow your mind?

The signature condiment we all pair our french fries in Idaho is also a transplant. That's right, fry sauce didn't originate here despite what you might have heard.

And How Are People Forgetting Fry Sauce Didn't Originate in Idaho?

We have to give credit where credit is due...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

So... why in the world are people associating us(Idaho) with potatoes and french fries so much? Perhaps it's because of the term "couch potato."

No, seriously. We can all debate, but most of us would agree that television is one of the greatest gifts/creations ever given to humanity. Here's the thing... the television was invented right here in Idaho.

According to, the birthplace of the electronic television was in Rigby, Idaho designed by Philo Taylor Farnsworth. According to, Farnsworth had been working on the design since 1920 and used electronic signals to "produce images on a video screen."

Think about that for a second: that happened in 1920!

Some of us can't even tap a few buttons to connect our Wifi correctly in 2024.

The point here is simple: let's stop making Idaho famous only for its potatoes. Are they delicious? Absolutely. Do they deserve the recognition? Of course, they do.

But Idaho's contribution to society and the planet goes beyond what we do with our fries and potatoes - remember: we "invented" the couch potato... and no other place can take that from us.

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