Every year, the debate of when to put the Christmas lights up seems to come up. Some people wait until after Thanksgiving while others get after it in the days following Halloween.

No matter how you approach the lights, it's all fun and games until you realize how frustrating Christmas lights can be.

We're not saying Christmas lights are terrible

We're not saying that all Christmas lights are terrible, we're talking more about the process. Let's use the analogy with food for example, you may love the taste of spicy food but despise what it does to your body.

The same can be said for Christmas lights and decorations in general.

We took to social media to ask you the question: "What is it about Christmas lights that you can't stand?"

What we got were some brutally honest responses that we could all relate to. If you're a parent with children, you know there's a little bit of pressure to make sure your lights not only look good... but that they work.

If you've never seen the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you're missing out and the film does a hilarious job highlighting all that could go wrong with setting up the lights.

Here are the brutally honest truths that people are sharing when it comes to setting up Christmas lights.

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Like we said before, there's a lot of debate as to when it's acceptable to get the Christmas lights going.

So, when is it actually appropriate to turn on your Christmas lights on in Idaho?

When is it Appropriate to Turn on Your Christmas Lights in Idaho?

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