Who doesn’t love some delicious prime rib?! Whether at home, or at one of your favorite steakhouses, today's a great day to get some prime rib — because it's National Prime Rib Day. I mean, any day is a great day for prime rib, but it's kinda cool there's a whole holiday for this!

Keep scrolling for 3 of the best places for prime rib in the Boise area 👇

National Today says...

"This April 27, on National Prime Rib Day, we’re headed to our favorite steakhouse. Also known as “standing rib roast,” prime rib is a tender, flavorful cut of roast from the rib section of the steer – just one of the eight prime cuts of beef. While it can be traditionally paired with potatoes, stuffing, and vegetables to make a “Sunday Roast,” there are many unique flavors and recipes to cook up prime rib with. It’s a juicy celebration and one we’re all for."

So, we wanted to share with you the best places for prime rib in the area. Here are 3 of the best restaurants for prime rib in the Boise Area – and I didn't just pull from my own experiences and opinions — I also checked Google and Yelp reviews... and y'all have nothing but amazing things to say about these restaurants.

Keep scrolling for these top 3 places as well as more of the best, top-rated, and highest-reviewed restaurants in the Boise area for the year 2023 👇

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