Over the last couple weeks, in a number of different conversations, I've picked up on something that, to me, is unique.  I'm curious if this is an Idaho thing? 

Leaving out the words "to be" in otherwise traditional sentences.

For example, do you notice people saying that something "needs fixed?"  As in, "my computer isn't working, it needs fixed?"  I thought I misheard it the first time, and then the a different person in used the same structure as when she said "it just needs put together."

Am I missing something?  Is this a grammar shortcut that I never learned in all my time?  I've also heard other people say that someone "needs called back," and "needs updated."

So, my question for you, am I the only one hearing it?  Have you noticed this?  Does this make any sense?

If you're a teacher or grammatical expert, I would appreciate your guidance.  Do you find yourself saying things this way?

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