First Daughter Ivanka Trump visited the Wilder School District today.  She wasn't alone, as Apple CEO and Auburn University Grad, Tim Cook joined her in the Gem State.For years we've heard that education in Idaho is in need of fixing.  Today's VIP visit validates the tireless efforts of educators, parents, and students, who continue to improve our schools.

Media reports will focus on the two or three protestors, who have nothing better to do than try to make a scene.  They miss the significance of this visit to the Wilder School District.  We've had the chance to broadcast from Wilder and, like a lot of schools, needs more resources.  I found the staff inviting and the kids eager to learn.

So we'll focus on the good news that this visit will bring more attention to our schools in Idaho.  A huge congratulations to Wilder School Superintendent Jeff Dillion for his efforts.

Thank you Ivanka and Tim for your passion for education.

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