You see them all over and you see them often-- "this is your state's favorite" something.  While those are always interesting, I always enjoy reading the methodology behind them. More times than not, the ways in which and the information used to compile these lists are far from being statistically significant. They're fun to read, nonetheless.

Well, nobody would have better access to sales, statistics,and buying habits of Idahoan's and their liquor than our very own Idaho State Liquor Division. Each year, this division of the State of Idaho publishes a report showing which bars in Idaho go through the most liquor, which counties are selling the most, and of course, which liquor is sold the most.

While I'm not typically one to have liquor at my house, only ONE of the top ten sold liquors in the entire State of Idaho is one that I would keep on a shelf in my house. I'm also slightly bitter that not ONE of these top ten liquors is a tequila-- COME ON, IDAHO!

Here is Idaho's latest, TOP TEN Liquor List

  1. Tito's Handmade Vodka (by the way, $6,060,000 was sold in 2018)
  2. Crown Royal Canadian Whisky
  3. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
  4. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
  5. Pendleton Canadian Whisky
  6. Smirnoff Vodka
  7. Black Velvet Canadian Whisky
  8. Jameson Irish Whisky
  9. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  10. Platinum 7X Vodka

See the entire report for yourself, HERE.

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