This is one of the most important articles you might come across all week. No, this isn't about some million-dollar house most of us can't afford or the $500,000 heated pool we'll never have. This one is simple and we should all pay close attention.

This week finishes National Nurse's Week. It's one of those weeks that probably gets missed unless you find yourself in the emergency room relying on the team to save your daughter. That just happens to be us this week. My daughter finds herself in the hands of the nurses at St. Luke's Children's Hospital and everything just became more important.

You might know me as an air personality. That's my day job. The most important responsibility is to be the best father and husband possible. It was just a few weeks ago that I did, "Rise Up Against Child Abuse" at Albertson's Stadium. I would attempt to sit in 37,000 seats calling attention to child abuse prevention and my daughter would help me get undressed after each day like my own little nurse.


Unfortunately, we find ourselves relying on our amazing nurses to protect our little Leo.  There is a procedure on Wednesday and we find ourselves relying on a nurse's every move. These are the front-line workers that protect us. I have watched them for years and it just takes my breath away watching them work. It's National Nurse's Week. let's celebrate them.

My wife and I watched Ada County Paramedics walk into our living room about 5 years ago after calling 911. Helplessness is the worst feeling. It's even more emotional as you recognize these heroes because it's the same group of professionals that have supported your events for over 10 years. It's so hard to explain, but you never forget.

I'll keep you posted on Leo's status. Please just join in by thanking a nurse you might know or a potential social media friend. let's take this moment to thank our Idaho nurses. I received a message from a nurse that took care of our son five years ago that she was checking on our Leo. You just don't know what that feels like unless you're in it.

A special thanks to all of our nurses in the 208. You truly mean something to us because we recognize how difficult parents can be. We just want the best for our children and sometimes it might not come off as the most pleasant of occurrences. However, it's assuring to know that you're fighting for the same thing we are, safety for our children. Thanks for your patience and your professionalism. You have been doing an amazing job especially during a pandemic. You've put your own safety in front of ours and that can never be forgotten.

Please take a quick moment to thank a nurse that has gone above and beyond to help your family. Thank you again and we will never forget your dying passion to save others. it goes without saying that you have become our heroes.

Happy National Nurse's Week.

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