I ran across an informal survey online posted by Time Magazine, and it turns out, you can tell who will make a good spouse based upon their name. Who knew!

Siteopia.com took the informal poll, and compiled the list of good husbands and wives based upon first name. Ladies, are you married to someone named David? It looks like you'll live happily ever after.  A woman named Katie will make the best wife.

What other names made the list?

Elizabeth, Louise, Sophie, and Sarah are some of the names belonging to the best wives.

And guys, if your name is Andrew, Chris, James, and Simon, you'll make a great husband.

It looks like the poll responders picked traditional, straight forward names. I don't see a lot of Peytons or Elis, even though they seem like a great catch!

And I wonder, when all the Ethans and Logans and McKenzies grow up, will they make great spouses?

Look at it this way; if your wife's name is Katie and she's lettin' ya down, you can tell her she has to shape up because the other Katies of the world are counting on her to save their good reputation. Good luck with that!

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