So a few weeks back in my daily scrolling through the internet daze I stumbled across something that was just amazing. the candles that are supposed to smell like HOME. I had to reach out and get some and test these bad boys out. 

Smells like home

This company Homesick Candle Company based out of New York City has found a way to capture the scents of your home state. From South Dakota to South Carolina, Washington to New Jersey. All 50 states have an exact and unique smell. I know that when Nicole and I lived away from Idaho we missed the smell of the snow, the fresh crisp clean air that it seems like only Boise and the Treasure Valley possess. So we reached out to Homesick Candles and asked for a few samples. One for us in the Mix Studio, and one for you. We will be giving away this candle that is supposed to smell like Idaho soon. This is a direct snapshot from the companies website on the description of what you can except with an Idaho Homesick Candle in your home.

Recall the cool, clean smell of Idaho’s snowy caps and cedar snow lodges with this fragrance, combining the fresh scents of spruce needles, melting snow, sandalwood, and the comforting aroma of cinnamon and amber.

So does it really smell like that? I had to test it out for ya...

To find out more about Homesick Candle Company visit their site at  

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