411 TO KNOW before you eat roadkill

Boise, Idaho. Are you new to conservationist living and salvaging? Salvaging is a subject and practice Idaho Fish and Game takes quite seriously. Whether you hunt or you're interest stops at safe salvaging, education is vitally important.

KNOW BETTER do better

The gallery below is a resource for Idaho's newest hunters and salvagers.

It features information on how to obtain the appropriate permits, maintain compliance with Idaho Fish and Game, the species you can and cannot salvage, and direct links to hunter education for adults and children.

Photo Credit: Canva Pro Images // Ryan Valenzuela

WHAT IS roadkill?

If you've lived here longer than a day, you know the Idaho highway system is no stranger to dead animals.

Idaho Fish and Game classifies the remains of animals found on the roadside as roadkill. Typically these animals have been struck by motorists.

Data from State Farm's Simple Insight report indicates Idaho is a medium-risk state. According to their research, 1 in 112 Idahoans were involved with an animal claim between 2021 and 2022.

If you find Idaho's moderate risk alarming, Montana's is worse. The second highest in the nation, residents of Big Sky Country have a 1 in 44 chance of a wildlife encounter behind the wheel. West Virginia tops the list at 1 in 35.

Photo Credit: Canva Pro Images // Ryan Valenzuela
Photo Credit: Canva Pro Images // Ryan Valenzuela

Scroll on for a gallery featuring everything Idaho's newest conservationists and salvagers need to know about finding and claiming wildlife roadkill! 

🦌 Is It Illegal To Eat Fresh Roadkill In Idaho? [Resources & Pics]

Boise, Idaho. If you're new to hunting and the concept of conservationist living, there's a great deal to know before you salvage and consume your first roadkill find!

🤠 The gallery below is intended to help the Gem State's newest conservationists and salvagers understand how to comply with Idaho Fish and Game's regulations.

💻 Direct links to hunter education for adults and children are featured in the last two images!

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