With everything opening up in the Treasure Valley and life getting back into full swing, duh we want to get out and do all the things! And with concerts making a comeback, it looks like its going to be an expensive summer. But we have to make up for 2020! My birthday is in July and I usually celebrate the entire month. But because it was robbed from me I'm celebrating birthday summer this year. Starting Memorial Day (the unofficial start of summer) I will be celebrating as often as humanly possible. So if I can save some coin by getting some things for free, I'm going to do that. And I encourage you to do the same.

So there are two accounts on Instagram that upload giveaways and discounts practically daily. The first is Hello Meridian. The account which focuses on Meridian businesses and lifestyle does venture out to the rest of the Treasure Valley, so that's cool. Right now they're promoting a deal with Meridian Basset Furniture, where mentioning that you follow the account saves you 30% store-wide. Not long ago there was a giveaway for dinner at Mai Thai and a staycation at a local hotel. You just have to do the standard "follow, tag, post" to get in on the those, but you're on your phone anyway. Might as well.

Go Out Local is the other account that aims at getting you out and about (go figure). Right now they are running a giveaway for Chicago Connection Pizza that will announce a winner on Friday. Same follow-tag formula. Again, why not? Also! If you're ever asked to tag someone in the comments of a giveaway, I volunteer my user handle as tribute: @angitaparker. Their highlight reels are also great to check out for ideas of what to do in the Treasure Valley, and it's likely a giveaway or discount will pop up for one of them soon.

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