If you are someone who deals with depression or have someone in your life who does, you probably know the power and effect it can have.  I've been thinking a lot about it lately and I wish help was easier to find.

I have a couple people I'm very close to that struggle with depression.  It's not something they can control (though they wish they could), it's not something they cause (though sometimes they feel they must), and it's something that can impact them in a big way (though they hate to admit that it does).

It's also something that I wish was more easily and openly discussed and more automatically treated with therapy and assistance.

I know there are many people who deal with it to differing degrees, but it hurts to see people hurt so deeply and, at times, lose sight of who they are.  Sometimes the dark stuff can take over thoughts and even great people lose the belief in their value and abilities.

One of my friends has been very courageous and decided to get into therapy.  Even that step was, at first, a challenge.  When they took a break from it some months ago, they heard when friends expressed a concern seeing the difference and returned to the process.

I do weekly therapy, not specifically for depression, but I have found in my own situation that they regular help has made navigating ups and downs in life far more effective.  It's also made me realize I'm not alone with challenges or struggles.

I know we all have different healthcare situations, but it hit me this weekend, I just wish it was easier and more automatic for those who deal with it to find help.

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