Idaho is full of so many unique, interesting and fun things. The gem state has a lot of buildings, homes, airbnbs and barns that tell a story. From the Famous Potato Hotel, to the Dog Shaped AirBnb House, to the Crazy Idaho City House, to the Bazar 4 Story Tree-House, to the boot shaped fairytale home, to all of the Castles that we have around Idaho. Now there is one to add to the list of strange that is sure to make even the grumpiest of people smile.

This Smiling Barn is in Whitney Idaho and can only be seen when people are usually at their saddest, leaving the local cemetery. Roadside America says, "Most people never see the face side of The Smiling Barn unless they're heading back from small Whitney Cemetery just to the north. The back of the barn is regularly repainted in different colors and a huge smiling face. It's on private land, but can easily be seen heading south on the road from the cemetery."

The smiling barn in Whitney has also been featured in a PBS Outdoor Idaho Program called the "Barns of Idaho" So how did it get started, the story is almost as amusing as the smile itself...

According to HJNews, "In 1989, Linden Beckstead was serving as bishop of the Whitney Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and one weekend while he and his wife were out of town, neighbors decided to turn his jokes back on him and members of the ward created the colorful grin. When Beckstead returned, he wasn’t amused, but it was done in the spirit of love and fun, and the smile grew on him. The barn is now owned by Beckstead’s granddaughter, Tess, and her husband, Lance Zollinger."

Idahoans from the Treasure Valley and Nampa area likely remember the other Idaho smiling barn that has since been taken down and the wood has been used on various projects.

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