It's that time of year! Halloween decorations are popping up on houses everywhere in the Treasure Valley. Actually, at this point if your house isn't decorated, you're behind (looking at you, Harrison Boulevard). But as you've rolled around town soaking up the spooky sights from households that got their "ish" together early, is there a common theme you've noticed? I've seen a few houses that have gone all out on an oversized spider theme, while others have gone the less scary jack-o-lantern route. According to a Google search analysis by Lombardo Homes, Idaho's most popular Halloween decoration has what Red Bull gives you--wings.

Nope, not crows. We have enough of those flying around on the daily. It's bats! Idaho apparently is into these creatures often mislabeled as flying rodents to set off the spooky vibes. And while this seems pretty basic, I invite you to learn about the flying fox bat and you'll never look at bats the same way again.

I have always found bats to be adorable, but a friend from the Philippines told me I wouldn't think so if I'd ever encountered a flying fox, which she described as a terrifying bat the size of a toddler. She showed me a photo online of this absurd creature and I couldn't believe my eyes or that it was real. In fact, the photo she showed me had gone viral and was up for debate as to its validity. You can watch here.

Ever since I laid eyes on this beast, I can't help but think of it any time I see a bat of any size, real or fake. This thing haunts my nightmares. And in true Halloween spirit I hope it haunts yours and you think of it any time you see bat decorations in a neighbor's yard. You're welcome.

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