It's proof that Idahoans appreciate a good 90's comedy sitcom more than a lot of other states do. A website called Zippia did some research to determine each state's favorite television show. As it turns out, Idaho's favorite tv show " will always be there for you."

The website looked at the top 100 most highly ranked TV shows from IMBD (excluding mini-series). From there, the site analyzed Google Trends data from the past year to come up with the "most statistically significant, unique TV program in each state."  In other words, this report doesn't define a state's favorite as the most-watched show, but rather which show is watched there more than in any other state. As an example, How I Met Your Mother is not the most-watched show in New York, but it is watched there more than in any other state. Here in Idaho we prefer to watch Friends reruns

Eleven other states also enjoy spending their time watching Friends. Yes this means that Idaho's binge-watching habits are a bit basic but it also means we have good taste. Friends has actually remained popular in the hearts of Idahoans for years now.  Idaho's favorite show from another report in 2019 also reveled Friends as the favorite which further goes to prove our love and admiration for this timeless sitcom.

I'll be honest, I've never seen an episode of Friends in my entire life - I know I know. So does anyone want to lend me their HBO Max password so I can binge all 236 and become a real Idahoan??

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