When you think brunch, what's the first food that pops into your mind?  Omelets, pancakes, and bacon are on every brunch buffet it seems, but there's something that Idahoans are craving more than any of that.  And if your summer garden was super fertile, you might have made a bunch of this and it's sitting in your freezer right now.

Insider says the Favorite Brunch Dish in Idaho is Zucchini Bread.  Yum!  We are so good at turning a veggie into something so sweet and soft that it melts in your mouth, and since that isn't enough all by itself, sometimes it's fun to throw in some chocolate chips too.

There are thousands of recipes for zucchini bread on Pinterest, and they involve everything from cranberries to lemon to pumpkin to frosting.  My grandma always baked zucchini bread in a 9x13 pan so it turned out like a cake, and she added chocolate or butterscotch chips before she baked it.  It was fantastic warm, right out of the oven.  And since the garden always produced enough zucchini to feed small cities, what she didn't give away she shredded and tossed into the zucchini bread, and froze bags of it so we could eat it all winter.  We'd take out a chunk, microwave it, and it was soft and warm again just like summer.

So if your family loves zucchini bread, you're not alone.  It hasn't quite caught on like pumpkin and we don't anticipate zucchini lattes anytime soon, but it's versatile and tasty, and Idaho puts it right up there as a top brunch item.

Where do you usually go for brunch?  Original Pancake House, Le Peep, Bacon, and Goldy's come to mind.  While we're on the hunt for more zucchini dishes, we can count on them for waffles, pancakes, and cheesy omelets too.

If you're invited to bring a dish to a holiday brunch, zucchini bread might be just the thing to impress everybody.  And they'll never know if you grabbed it right out of the freezer!

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