Apologies to all women named Karen who don't fit the modern day definition of the name. Though it's unclear how society settled on the name, it is the moniker that's been given to women "seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. The term also refers to memes depicting white women who use their privilege to demand their own way." (wikipedia) Thank you social media for making us privy to some of the most outlandish Karens by way of viral video. And wouldn't you know it, Idaho has its own Karens to boast.

Leave it to the pandemic to bond Karens in outrage. Surprisingly, these Meridian moms weren't in a grocery store losing their ish over wearing masks. It was in a local park where they decided to unleash behavior worthy of a Kate Gosselin haircut. In April of 2020 a group of women brought their children with them to violate a city order that closed down playgrounds in the early weeks of the pandemic.

Basically they saw no need for the playground to be taped off and shut down, so they let their kids play on the equipment. Eventually officers showed up and asked them to leave because of the violation and that's when the video begins and the Karens unite! Of them, Sarah Brady was arrested. And you can see why at about the 5 minute mark of this glorious video. Then the outrage escalates. My favorite part is all of them citing the constitution and paying taxes with such conviction you'd think they went to law school with Elle Woods.

Yvonne St. Cyr of Boise is a Karen times 2, taking her entitlement from local to national in the span of a month. First, in December 2020 she was arrested after police say she refused to leave Boise's Central District Health building during a public health order revision meeting.

In the spirit of being in places she shouldn't, Yvonne-Karen later showed up to the Capitol in D.C. on January 6th, 2021 to protest the results of the presidential election. Where she went wrong was going into the building through a broken window. Lady, that's not your house! But in an interview with KTVB7, she stated she doesn't have any regrets and actually insists God put her in the room for a reason--to find her phone, which she had lost earlier in the day. Sorry to say, but losing your phone doesn't give you license to trespass. I don't make the rules. But you can watch her explain herself and decide for yourself is she deserves a Karen medal.

Those are just a couple of viral ones. I've personally witnessed many Karens on the loose, especially in Meridian. Often it's mask related. And I know everyone has differing opinions on the validity of masks, but where they lose me is when they throw tantrums and decide private businesses have no right to enforce their own policies. Just go somewhere else. This yelling, screaming, and cart shoving isn't necessary. But I can't say it isn't hilarious so long as no one is hurt.

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