The Art & Science of Understanding Weather

Meteorology is defined as the science dealing with the atmosphere and its phenomena, including both weather and climate. NASA concludes the Babylonians began "using reoccurring astronomical and meteorological events to help them monitor seasonal changes in the weather" around 650 B.C.

Since then, remarkable advances have been made in the field of meteorology. Long gone are the days when mythical gods are to blame for droughts and floods.

Today’s meteorologists have more tools available to them than they could ever use at once, so much so that forecasting the weather is both an art and a science. —Dennis Mersereau 

Okay, Boomer

But never mind all that. One man, an Idaho boomer, if you will, has cracked a code even the most decorated and visionary scientists among us didn't know could be cracked.

Jeff Forbes of Idaho Falls threw science and common sense to the wind when he concluded windmills were the culprit behind, well, wind. Contrary to everything we know about the rise and fall of air temperature and pressure and its relationship to land and water in the development of wind, Forbes knows best.

Ever since they installed those big fans up on the hill it's become even windier. Whose bright idea was that? I've noticed when they're off, we get a nice calm spell. Please turn them off, at least on the weekends.

Jeff Forbes

There you have it, folks. If we just shut off those pesky windmills, at least on the weekends, anyway, all will be well in the Gem State. And thanks, Jeff. Had we not caught wind of your theory, we'd still be looking to "meteorologists" for insight.

Pshhht...Not today, weather man. Not today.

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