It might be time to prepare yourself for a potential pandemic resurgence with this new variant impacting the country. We have a new beast on our hands and pregnant women should know this about getting vaccinated.

My wife just gave birth and her vaccine-generated antibodies have been passed to our newborn. This is factual information based on a ton of tests and should be a breath of fresh air as kids can't get vaccinated yet.

Marisol Benitez/Unsplash
Marisol Benitez/Unsplash

Vaccinated Pregnant Mothers: Will It Protect My Baby?

This is something my wife and I went through recently. Yes, the antibodies from your vaccine pass onto your baby protecting them from the virus.

"We now have clear evidence the COVID vaccines can induce immunity that will protect infants...two lives can be saved simultaneously with a powerful vaccine." That comes from Galit Alter, a core member of the Ragon Institute and co-senior author of the study.

That is big news because it's also been researched that pregnant women are hit harder by COVID.

  • Severe Illness
  • Hospitalization
  • Intensive care
  • Ventilator or special equipment to breathe, or results in death

That is all compared to women not pregnant.

Pregnant round belly
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We're currently heading down this path of a new variant. This Delta Variant is attacking both vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Current data is showing that unvaccinated people are most at risk versus someone vaccinated.

You can even contract this virus while vaccinated, but that's not the scary part. You may be fine but now it can be passed on to someone you're coming in contact with like kids. Highly unvaccinated states like Idaho could see the most severe spread which is happening right now. The end-all to this current Delta Variant is getting vaccinated. This is why a pregnant mother can protect herself and the baby with a vaccination.

I'll post links below with more detailed information and just ask your doctor. We had our little Monroe at Saint Alphonsus almost two weeks ago and you can get more information here. 

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