Thursday night from 5[m-7pm hundreds of nurses, healthcare professionals braved the heat and the crazies on Eagle Road in Meridian.

They were part of a protest organized by the group Take A Stand Now.  The group is working with some legislators to gain protection for all Idaho workers over forced vaccination as a condition of employment.  Some members of the group have already left their jobs before their termination date.

Who are these patriots?  Let's take a look at the folks who continue to fight for your rights.

Saint Luke's Protest in Meridian

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

The group continues to work behind the scenes with lawmakers on reconvening the legislature.  Victoria Stump, the group's founder, told us this morning that she has had one phone call with House Speaker Scott Bedke.  She told us that she was disappointed that some Idaho politicians will not work to help because of rivalries with other politicians.  The speaker is the only one who can call the House back into session.  If the House were called back in, then the Idaho Senate could follow.



Some Idaho senators have publically expressed hope that a conference between Take A Stand Now, the hospitals, and the senators could take place to solve the problem.  Several workers have told us on the record that they have already quit their jobs because they will not take the vaccine.  President Joe Biden has publically urged all private companies to demand their workers take the shot as a condition of employment.

Nampa Patriots Continue to Protest the Vax Mandate

Nurses and healthcare workers as the public to help them stop the vax mandate from local hospitals.

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

West Ada Parents Opt Out of Mask Mandate

West Ada Parents lining up to get their kids out of wearing a mask during the school year.

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

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