Roundabouts: the most confusing traffic situation in Idaho

Okay, Idaho. I'm asking this question with the utmost sincerity: what's your issue with roundabouts? They seem to confuse locals more than any other traffic situation. 

Is it entering the roundabout that makes folks nervous? Or maybe it's finding the right exit? Whatever the case, I feel like my life is at risk the moment another driver joins me inside of one.

Fun fact: I learned how to use roundabouts in Germany while my husband was stationed there in the Army. I won't lie; it was a little intimidating at first. But, if I was going to navigate the bustling streets of a major city like Frankfurt, gaining confidence in roundabouts was a must. 

Of course, I know Idaho isn't Germany. But with all the roundabouts popping up around Boise's newer communities, it's high time we got a firm grasp on the situation. 

Easing Idaho's Roundabout Anxiety

The two simple tips I'm about to share will supercharge your confidence and skills in any roundabout, anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter how packed the traffic circle is; you'll be tackling it like a pro in no time! Here we go...

1. Signal in: Let your fellow drivers know you're ready to join the roundabout party by signaling. They'll yield, giving you the green light.

2. Signal Out: Same deal. Let other drivers know you're ready to make your exit just before you reach your turn.

Remember, communication is everything on the road and roundabouts are no exception. So, signal in, signal out, and do it with some confidence for a safer Idaho. 

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