It's a story line that Boise State football fans aren't too unfamiliar with-- a small-town football star from Idaho goes onto play at Boise State where he shines and moves into the NFL.  We've see this here in the Treasure Valley a few times now--perhaps one of the first to be known for this? A football star named Shea McClellin.

With a population of just over 1,000 people, the town of Marsing, Idaho is where Shea McClellin was born and raised. The football star eventually moved far, far away from Marsing where he won a Super Bowl with Tom Brady.

Now, McClellin is back--in Marsing--coaching football where it all started for him, at Marsing High School. The story line really couldn't be any better and speaks to the heart and soul of what makes McClellin such a special, Idaho-grown football star.

Now, he's going above and beyond in asking for help from the general public to get these kids in Marsing some upgraded equipment and resources.

As you can imagine, a notable alum like Shea McClellin is no stranger to Albertsons Stadium when football season is in action. Sure, he has his own team in Marsing--but how could one not want to watch the program continue to grow and evolve, first hand?

Lush seats near the 50-yeard-line are where the McClellin family sit-- and now these tickets can be yours. Yes, he's giving up his seats.

In an effort to raise funds for Marsing High School's football program, you can buy tickets to be entered into a drawing for McClellin's seats.

  • One ticket is just $50
  • Two tickets are $90
  • Four or more tickets are $40 each

The winner of this drawing get Shea's seats.  The pair of seats is found in the Stueckle Sky Center and includes a tailgate spot on the East side of Albertsons Stadium.

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