Just a few weeks until we reach Christmas and some things just aren't so shocking anymore. COVID-19 continues to break records across the country including Idaho. It's almost impossible to continue with local sports as we've seen two Bronco football games get canceled.

You can now add the Idaho Steelheads Hockey Season to a very long list of cancelations. There will be no hockey this season due to the obvious complications of the pandemic.

You can view the complete message on Steelhead's website where Steelheads President Eric Trapp makes this announcement,

This was a difficult decision to come to as we wanted to be able to play this season but because of the continued increase of COVID-19 in the Treasure Valley and United States, we felt our best option was to start preparing for a season in the Fall of 2021.

You can do the math but it's going to be a long break before the puck drops again. I can't imagine players would be wearing masks on the ice and what about those historic fights during gameplay? That's probably just too much to handle.

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This is obviously not a Steelhead decision as the entire league will be suspending play across the country in the ECHL League.

The Steelhead Hockey front office post this on their social media this morning.

This will be a blow to a lot of fans because this is one item that turns my phones crazy. So many fans call in for these free tickets and it's usually a message getting in and out of Downtown Boise around these games. Idaho Steelheads have a great fanbase and they will be extremely sad but I doubt too surprised.

I feel like there will be some sort of backlash on why Baseball, Football, Basketball, and other sports are being allowed to play. Find more below.

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