Have You Seen This Man?

Since April 13, Jack Christopher Miller, age 49, has been on-the-run from Idaho State Police. According to Idaho Department of Corrections, Miller, a known sex offender with a history of possessing sexually explicit and abusive materials.

Miller is currently wanted for parole violation in addition to a failure to register as sex offender with the Idaho State Police on the Idaho Sex Offender Registry. If you have information on the whereabouts of this fugitive, you can contact the City of Boise Crime Stoppers here.

Knowledge is Safety

It’s upsetting but it’s true: the world can be a scary place; especially when you're raising children. And as of 2022, the Gem State has 5,125 registered sex offenders according to the Idaho Sex Offender Registry maintained by the Idaho State Police.

Registration on the Idaho Sex Offender Registry requires the following of sex criminals:

  • to register their history and crimes with the local sheriff within two business days of conviction or a court-issued judgement;
  • to confirm information reported to the local sheriff four months after the initial disclosure;
  • and new Idaho residents must register with ISOR within 10 business days of their arrival.

Keeping Idaho families safe will always be our top priority. To find out how many registered sex offenders live in your community and to see where they live, visit the Idaho Sex Offender Registry search here.

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