Powerhouse film and television producer Shonda Rhimes did a lot of reading during quarantine. She happened upon the Bridgerton Family Series and enjoyed the soapy novels so much she had the first in the series turned into a Netflix show. It's now the most viewed program in the streaming network's history. Could a similar fate befall the fifth book of the Indian Path Series?

Set in the 1870's, a woman called Sam O'Brien heads west to the Idaho Territory with her father who hopes to become a prospector during the gold rush. Tragedy soon hits and Sam finds herself abandoned at a mission in Southern Idaho. Things get even wilder when she sets out to rescue one of her new stepsisters who runs away to the rough town of Lewiston to avoid an arranged marriage. Matters get more complicated when Sam unintentionally gets caught up in the middle of the Nez Perce War and the affections of her two stepbrothers. Among all the chaos she manages to become a newspaper reporter. You know, just navigating her way through a man's world, war, and love. Talk about Old West drama!

So which brother wins her heart? How does she make it through the war? What happened to the sister? You'll have to read to find out! But I'm telling you, this has the makings of a soapy drama fit for Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, or even Paramount+. The Solitary Path of Courage by M.B. Tosi is available on Amazon.

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