Oops, we've done it again, Idaho. Another Idahoan has gone viral and while we have, at this point, no idea who he is-- he is everywhere.

The smoke in the air lately has been a harsh reminder of all of the wildfires that are blazing in our area. While last week we saw some rain, it didn't seem to help too much. Some days are worse than others but wow do I miss the blue skies we're used to having here in the Treasure Valley.

Fire crews all over the State of Idaho-- along side Oregon, Washington, California, and Nevada are fighting hard to contain these flames and protect our wildlife.

The photo is dramatic has been all over social media platforms this week. It's a powerful image of two very different worlds, colliding, out of a concern for our land here in Idaho. New Meadows, Idaho is just shy of 3-hours away from the Treasure Valley.

Another video surfaced this week of a massive jet flying over the foothills, really close to the Treasure Valley. Check that video out, below!


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