The news of Idaho moving forward with Stage 4 of Covid-19 protocols has opened up a world of possibilities. KTVB7 reports that the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has given the green light for Idaho to move into stage 4 which eliminates limits on gathering sizes. Social distancing is still encouraged along with vaccinations to keep positivity rate low. But let's get back to this gathering size situation! Maybe some of the concert postponements will be walked back? In the mean time, how about we all drink together and paint!

Quarantine had many of us drinking more and trying out new hobbies. Crocheting, baking bread, perfecting Dalgona coffee recipes, blogging, painting-- it was a dark but creative time. But the novelty soon wore off 'cause what did it matter if we had to be alone for it all? So boring! Painting in particular is way more fun when you're drinking and eating with strangers while someone guides you into actually making something presentable to hang in the entryway of your house.

Get back at it Monday May 17th at Jak*s Place Neighborhood Grill. The Angry Easel will be there to help you create a fun piece you can be proud of even if you're a tipsy novice distracted by a plate of onion rings with fry sauce. The paint party starts at 5:30pm and also grants you a discount on your restaurant bill. The materials are only $20. Click here for info on reserving your spot.

This is just the beginning. I'm telling you, all the concerts are coming back. Don't mark my words. I have no authority.

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