I don't want to incriminate myself but I may or may not be breaking the rules here. Allow me to explain - when I first moved to Idaho last year, what followed was a huge transitional period that required me to logistically get not only my family up here but also my belongings. In the midst of that, taking on a new role, finding a place to live (in an insane housing market), and balancing a personal life... I never got around to switching the plates on my car from Texas to Idaho.

It's not because I never made time for it but I never had time during "normal business hours." Fast-forward and here we are, I'm still working on getting my plates up to date and the urgency is at an all-time high. Why? Because, unless you have Idaho plates on the road, people will treat you differently.

I've gotten various responses to my Texas plates on the road; not many but a few. One that immediately comes to mind is a gentleman who sped up to drive next to me only to mouth out "F--- yeah, Texas!"

Either I'm bad at reading lips or this guy was happy to see someone like myself, from Texas, on the roads of the Treasure Valley. Why? I couldn't tell you... as a matter of fact - maybe there was no "yeah" in there after all?

According to the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), drivers must obtain an Idaho driver's license if living in the state for longer than 90 days. Situations like temporary work, military obligations, etc. are exempt from this rule. But what about license plates?

The Sooner... The Better...

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, new residents have 90 days to get their vehicle registered with the state of Idaho or they could face penalties. You won't face jail time but you could expect to pay a fine.

So, besides the fact that you might be on the receiving end of some luxurious language, it might be a good idea to stop procrastinating (like I did) and get those Idaho plates slapped onto your car. You'll thank me later.

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