The Thrill of Jury Duty

We laugh about it now, but growing up high-profile court cases like O.J. Simpson's and the Menendez Brothers' made us think jury duty would be a much bigger part of our adult lives. Like total weirdos, a lot of '90s kids, i.e. us, were low-key excited to experience the thrill of watching the judicial process unfold before our eyes.

Little did we know real jury duty was nothing like what we saw play out on the 5 o'clock news or in movies. It's actually one of the most mundane and inconvenient tasks adults have to deal with; or so we've heard. Truth be told, we have yet to perform the civil service. It's the volume of political pollsters calling us as of late that makes us think our time's coming.

What Not to Wear: the Idaho jury edition

Did you know thousands of Idahoans serve as jurors each year? According to the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho, nearly 20,000 Gem State residents are summoned to jury duty annually. It makes us wonder: what are jurors wearing to court? And also:

  • does Idaho have a dress code for jurors?
  • is it okay to wear dressy jeans in court?
  • what's the rule on cleavage or revealing clothing?
  • what can't we wear?
  • what kinds of getups fly in Idaho's neighboring states?

We wanted the answers well before our first date with the justice system!

Here's the Skinny on Juror Attire in CA, WY, & WA

Despite being more relaxed, tank tops and exposed belly buttons are a no-go in California. There's got to be a backstory here, but Wyoming specifically asks its jurors to wear shoes to court...okay. Then there's Idaho's weird cousin, Washington. They've got a thing about jurors not wearing bathing suits before a judge.

Keep scrolling for a gallery of what not to wear to Idaho jury duty! 

Idaho Jurors, Think Twice Before Wearing These 10 Things to Jury Duty

15 Things You're Absolutely Banned from Burning in Your Idaho Bonfire

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality lists these as things you are prohibited from burning in Idaho due to air quality issues and other concerns like the release of toxic chemicals that can cause you bodily harm both internally and externally.
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