We love Idaho unconditionally, right? That's good.  Because, to put it nicely, other states are superior in the way they handle some essential things like roads and jobs, and we've landed near the bottom in several categories.  Or you might say we're getting our butts kicked.

Other states are generally better with roads and bridges and healthcare and things like that, according to US News and World Report.  There is one thing that Idaho has mastered though, and that's the crime.  If crime can be mastered.  We rank 9th for crime and that's a good thing, because it means there's not a lot of it here.

What can we learn from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Dakota and Washington?  Those are the best overall states, according to US News, with the highest scores in healthcare, education, crime, infrastructure, opportunity, economy, and government.  Those states keep up with roads, and have good infrastructure and low crime.

Idaho ranks 32nd overall, and we perform the best when it comes to crime and the economy.  We don't do so well with healthcare and education.

Idaho is pretty awesome in a million ways, so let's focus on the bright side which includes things like salmon and the Greenbelt and good skiin'.  We can make a mean street taco, and we can brew some amazing craft beer.  And Boise keeps making all of those best-of lists for being awesome in other ways, and we just had a college bar make the Top 51.  So there's that!  Be jealous, New Hampshire.  In the grand scheme, maybe Idaho isn't so bad.

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