How much are you willing to pay to afford the American dream?

A nice house bordered by a quaint white picket fence in a charming neighborhood, a Gold Retriever sleeping on your front porch, and happy kids playing in the backyard... it's the American dream. But that dream ain't cheap, y'all. Especially when it come to Idaho living.

More and more, families who have lived here for generations are burying themselves in debt to enjoy the fruits of Gem State living, and it's heartbreaking. Natives are signing their lives away for ridiculously overpriced mortgages just to give their children a piece of the idyllic Idaho lifestyle they grew up with.

Overnight, their grandparents Idaho became a real estate battle ground, and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

Idaho natives are in disbelief of the local real estate market.

Idahoans are watching in disbelief and anger as their quaint country towns are turning into pricey and trendy metros. For the last five years or so, the influx of transplants have priced many native families out of the market.

How sad is that? Imagine growing up in Boise, thinking you'll buy a home of your own here one day, only to discover you can't afford it anymore because a techie from Cali decided your town was the ideal location for their remote work haven.

It's beyond frustrating. Idahoans, who have lived there for generations have been forced to play a game they didn't sign up for. Even worse, they're watching from the sidelines as their slice of the American Dream slips further and further away from them and their future generations.

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