Life in the fast lane isn't for everyone.

Idahoans probably get that more than most folks. That's why it's no surprise that so many Americans are looking for a fresh start in our beautiful state.

They want we have: a slower, more fulfilling lifestyle, sweeping views of stunning landscapes, and friendly communities where neighbors look out for one another.

Who wouldn't want to raise their family here? And for the most part, Idahoans welcome the transplant community with open hearts. We crack our fair share of jokes, but we can't deny the growth and diversity our newest residents bring to Idaho's table.

Leave Idaho how you found it.

The heartfelt plea from locals is simple: embrace Idaho for what it is. If you're going to start anew here, do your best to appreciate and adopt our values, our lifestyle, and all the little things that make Idaho unique. Respect for our wildlife and conservation community, our pro-2A stance, our need for more privacy and less government, etc. Families who have lived here for generations cherish these elements and more.

Many Idahoans are more than happy to share our piece of paradise. Still, it’s important to find a balance that ensures and protects the reasons everyone wants to move here.

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Cities with the fastest-growing home prices in Idaho

Stacker compiled a list of cities with the fastest-growing home prices in Idaho using data from Zillow.

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Residents in 15 Idaho Counties are Outliving the Rest of Us

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College isn't for everyone, nor is it necessary for every career field.

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8 Reasons Idahoans Call the Police on Their Neighbors

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