Traffic Stops are Like a Box of Chocolates...

You never know what you're going to get; at least that's what one Twin Falls Deputy Sheriff believes. In his mind, perception is nine-tenths of the law when conducting traffic stops:

You have to appreciate that when a law enforcement officer approaches a vehicle, they generally have no inclination with regards to what they may encounter.


Sing Like a Canary

We were brought up to respect law enforcement. We were also raised to carry our firearm responsibly. That's why whenever we're pulled over, we sing like a canary, baby. When we get pulled over, the first thing we do after greeting law enforcement is notify them that we're in possession of a firearm.

But according to Tom Grieve, a decorated criminal defense prosecutor, "private citizens should do what makes them comfortable, but there could be a catch involved." He emphasized only 12 states enforce the Duty to Inform law that obligates citizens to "disclose the presence of [their] firearm upon making contact with enforcement."

While Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada are not DTI states, the Twin Falls Deputy Sheriff advises Idahoans to lead with honesty and transparency.

Every traffic stop has the potential to be deadly, and every officer has been through hours of training reminding them of just how serious a situation this can be due to the unknown.

—Deputy Sheriff, Twin Falls


Even if it's by omission, we would never lie to law enforcement. In a state that's as pro-Second Amendment as Idaho is, why would we? But what are your thoughts?

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