Have you ever felt betrayed by a brand you've trusted for years? 

You love it. Your kids love it. Heck, it's a staple on your weekly shopping list at Albertsons. Then a study comes along and disrupts everything you thought you knew about your beloved brand. Our family's going through it right now. 

Science ruined our breakfast 😒

Okay, that's not true. We're just bitter and still feeling the sting of the news. Seven of the most popular hot and cold breakfast cereals sold in Idaho were recently linked to a chemical that causes devastating health issues for women and babies in utero.

According to a 6-year study by The Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, these cereals contain chlormequat, a chloride salt. 

The study results are disturbing. According to their math, 80% of Americans have been exposed to chlormequat via breakfast cereal. We hate to disappoint you, neighbor, but the chemical was found in some of the most popular cereals in Boise-area grocery stores. 

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So, what are the side effects of chloride salt on human health?

According to the study, not good 😳 

Scientists found chlormequat exposure lower than that of what's allowed in breakfast cereals can "reduce fertility and harm [a] developing fetus." As if that weren't disturbing enough, the study also highlighted the EPA regulation that bans chemical in the growth and production of crop foods.

What cereal brands contain chlormequat?

General Mills owns five of the seven breakfast cereals the study put on blast, and PepsiCo, Inc owns the other two. 

When approached by People, PepsiCo, Ink didn't respond. General Mills, however, stated all of their breakfast cereals complied with the Federal Food & Drug Administration's regulations. 

Cool, General Mills, and thanks for replying. But isn't that one of the biggest problems here?! The FDA blessed off on a breakfast cereal ingredient that can cause infertility and fetal development issues in minimal amounts. Not what we'd be flaunting in your situation, but okay. 

Scroll for seven cereals with chlormequat in Idaho grocery stores & six side effects caused by the chemical.

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